Initiatives for Realizing Recycling

Generally, waste batteries are incinerated, but VOLTA places great importance on recycling to recover resources from lithium-ion batteries and nickel-metal hydrogen batteries.
We promote recycling of waste batteries by drying, shredding, and sorting at facilities that allow safe and appropriate disposal of waste batteries, which are dangerous materials that can cause fires.
By selling the collected cobalt and nickel concentrated slag (fine crushed material containing cobalt, nickel, and lithium) to smelting companies, etc., we have realized resource recycling of rare metals and contributed to the realization of a sustainable society.
We will make efforts to realize recycling (closed-loop) by further technological innovation in the rechargeable battery market, which will expand rapidly in the future.

Contribute to create a sustainable society

Overall view of corporate philosophy, mission, strategy, and business plan

Overall view of corporate philosophy, mission, strategy, and business plan

In modern times, a wide variety of issues have surfaced which put the sustainability of society at risk, such as the impacts of climate change, anticipated shortages of material resources, the declining birthrate and the aging population. We believe that businesses can play a crucial role in addressing these issues, which will in turn provide them with larger markets and more business opportunities.
In view of our mission statement, which is to “contribute to create a sustainable society,” we examined the strengths of our group and the impact of these issues on business, in addition to requests from society to address such issues and our purpose for existing. We subsequently identified “material resources” and “energy resources” as two material issues to the company.
By explicitly designating the business strategy concerning these material issues as the Sustainability Strategy, we will firmly promote the implementation of any relevant activities.


Overall view of corporate philosophy, mission, strategy, and business plan

Sustainability Strategy(Five-years strategy for the period from FY2018 to FY2022)

To achieve concurrent sustainability of society and our company
Key policies
  • Greatly enhance the company’s credibility in societyEffectively demonstrate the HOLDINGS’ leadership within the group to improve corporate governance and promote the brand
  • Greatly enhance efficiency in the use of operational resourcesConsolidate businesses in line with the Sustainability Strategy for the efficient use of operational resources
  • Greatly enhance productivityGreatly enhance productivity by making use of new technologies and experience